Kansas City Chiefs predictions

Presently, the most interesting thing happening with the Chiefs is whether anyone will get arrested/injured before training camp (knocks on wood and throws salt over shoulder). And so we turn to other things to maintain our attention.

Kansas City Chiefs predictions personally, I am really having fun with the NBA playoffs. As a basketball fan with no real allegiance to any group, I heart the Spurs and I am not ashamed to admit it. I believe it’s mostly due to Manu Ginobili and the fact that I am left-handed that does this to me. Take Manu’s match and make it much less skilled/fast/jumpy/athletic and you have me on the court. Additionally, I am one of the basketball snobs that gets all warm and fuzzy over a group playing”the right way” and all that other stuff (of course, LeBron is a robot sent from the future so that it might not matter).


As it is the offseason.
Call me crazy, but watching the Spurs reminds me of a football team than a normal NBA squad. Everyone suits their function, nobody attempts to do anything they are not supposed to, and the machine succeeds when everybody plays within it since the system uses their talents to maximum efficiency. When things begin to break down, every man trusts his mission and understand that if HE does HIS job, everybody else will do THEIR job, and things will be all perfect. To put it differently, their staff operates how an NFL defense needs to.

Hey, talking of NFL defenses (notice that super-smooth segue?) , how ’bout those KC Chiefs linebackers? Last time I had been making predictions which are destined to mostly neglect, we spoke about the defensive line. Now it is time to turn to what’s arguably the Chiefs strongest entire group. In fact, forget the”arguably” part. This IS the most powerful unit on the team aside from RB (which is kinda, like, largely 1 dude).

Tamba Hali / Derrick Johnson / Nico Johnson OR Akeem Jordan / Justin Houston
In that group you have

1) One of the best one-dimensional pass-rushers in the Organization

2) One of the best 3 ILBs from the NFL

3) One of the best 3 OVERALL OLBs in the NFL (we will get to that part from the predictions), and…

That question mark will go a long way toward determining what occurs with the defense this season. During the past few years that the SILB place was”meh.” I believe it would be kind to call the drama we have gotten out of that position average. The men the Chiefs have had were completely useless when teams passed on 1st / 2nd down and had to come off the field on obvious passing situations. Additionally, I think the men the Chiefs had were overrated against the run.

Now that it is quiet again, let’s make a few predictions.

Hint #1: Akeem Jordan begins at SILB unless Nico Johnson plays lights out, and will be an upgrade over what the Chiefs had in the position this past year.
Up to now, Jordan has taken the initial team snaps at SILB. From everything we are hearing that is Andy Reid giving the vet that he understands the first shot to maintain the position as his own. That is all well and good with me, and he might well do enough to maintain the newcomer at bay. From everything I’ve discovered about him from Eagles fans, he is a man who has played adequate. When you look at this Bleeding Green Nation article’s comment section, it appeared the vast majority of the fans wanted him to stick around.

Another interesting point to note from this article is that the Eagles made him a contract offer. It is not as though he had been cut loose from the group with no sort of attempt to retain him. They obviously wanted him around in at least a limited role, along with his former trainer clearly thought highly enough of him to deliver him over to Kansas City and get a shot to start (of course, Andy Reid’s judgment of LBs was deemed iffy by a few ).

Here is another interesting article on Jordan, written in August of last year on Bleeding Green Nation. Among the biggest takeaways I got from the article is that Jordan is adequate when requested to drop into coverage. I can’t stress how wonderful this would be and what an impact this could have on our defense. The Chiefs could really do crazy things like disguise who is blitzing and who’s falling back into coverage! We could even (gasp) keep both the ILBs on the field on 3rd down!