How to Take a Fantastic Care and Storage Tips for Your Oil Painting

Oil painting just like any other piece of artwork is so valuable. Having one real oil painting for display in your home or at the office is a significant thing that for some it will cause for a party. It can be an old oil canvas painting or a completely new oil portrait but after unwrapping it you may realized it is simply not a typical painting portrait you will hang from the wall.

Special considerations regarding taking very good care of oil portraits are given to acrylic on canvas paintings that aren’t mounted behind glass aside from those in museums which is help for preservation purposes. Below are tips for you on how to take a great care your valuable painting on canvas for preservation the family heirloom. These are tips for you to avoid committing mistakes in managing your oil portrait.

What’s nice about Original oil painting is it’s a durable sturdy and durable art form. After the painting is treated with good care then it will endure for generations.

In managing your oil painting, always make sure you manage or carry it from the framework without touching the painting surface so be careful never touch the painted surface of your painting as it can lead to unwanted marks or worst scrapes as well as the details of the portrait may be deformed.

Don’t allow anything to press the back or most notably the front of your painting canvas since they may cause damaged just like a dent or a pit. If accidents happen never take care of the painting yourself if you aren’t an expert. The best thing to do would be to bring it to a specialist to fix the damage. Amateur repair works fine but it doesn’t last long.

Place cardboard or plywood on both front and rear when being temporarily stored or when transporting your painting. The cardboard must be a little bigger than the exterior dimensions of the painting frame. Bubble wrap is to be utilized and recorded or tie firmly.

For permanent storage it has to be in a customized plywood container using a painting braced so that air can flow on all sides without altering.

Intense heat, cold and humidity are a big NO for oil painting so never subjected your oil canvas in these weather conditions. Basements and attics hasn’t been a fantastic storage space for your paintings . The only ideal place to store your oil portrait is at the wall for everyone to appreciate.